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Move from Guangzhou to Germany
  • Distance12890km
  • Shipping34 Day
  • volume13m³
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This time, I asked Dragonsea moving company to move furniture to Germany. My neighbors in Germany used their service feedback before, so they recommended the service consultant wechat to me. Mr. Yuan, the service consultant of their company, is very responsible and has smooth communication. If there is any question, he can reply in time and explain the details clearly. The matters needing attention in each link should be reminded in time. Domestic packaging should be carried out The staff packed the goods carefully and professionally, handled the goods carefully and protected the goods well; the German delivery personnel spoke fluent English and communicated smoothly, and the goods were transported to the designated place with good service attitude. Generally speaking, the whole moving process is basically carried out according to the planned time, which is relatively smooth. If you have friends who need to move, we will recommend Dragonsea. Thank you
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for using our international migration service from Guangzhou city to Germany. Hailong International provides professional one-stop international moving solution to realize the whole process custody service of personal zero operation, truly achieve institutionalized and process operation, move goods accurately, safely, timely and with good quality, so as to save labor, trouble and worry in moving.