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        DragonSea International Headquarters in the HongKong, was founded in 2001, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing has offices located in the operations center, is the first to engage in the international, domestic relocation of professional companies, can provide: office relocation, city move, plant relocation, the relocation, the relocation of the school hospital, to provide door-to-door relocation services for customers, provide office, and their employees with international, domestic move, office relocation, the relocation of factories, family move, move, move the exhibition is not affected by the move time caused by work time for many listed companies and the world 500 strong, careful planning, reasonable to date has been in the industry has accumulated ten years of experience, the spirit of our customers to provide more high quality, more intimate relocation, relocation services.
        Office relocation and moving company must first formulate office relocation plan, work based on the needs of customers, the urgent need for a professional office relocation team to assist in the management of corporate relocation project, the DragonSea International can start making office relocation plan, refer to the installation plan office decoration or furniture, pre calculated office relocation process office furniture dismantling and re installation, office furniture fittings according to the list of requirements, office relocation plan schedule, with the project manager to arrange a company relocation project coordination meeting, relocation of a number of items involved statistical office relocation, providing all the necessary conditions for the moving company and office relocation project successfully completed. DragonSea International is one of the few professional companies to provide domestic relocation service provider. DragonSea international customer each time the company relocated or office mobility as a separate project management, and strive to provide the fine office relocation services, and different service we provide will let customers impressed even for the next office service by appointment, this is the DragonSea handling service.

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