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DragonSea International - Privacy Policy
         The Company recognizes that your privacy is important to you, the Company will be regarded as more like a business-like attention.The Company is committed to achieve maximum transparency, clearly shows how and why the company will use your data in this website.If the following information can not fully answer your question, please contact the company. The company will be happy to assist.The Company has classified the data as a series of headings, to facilitate you read. Just click on a topic, you can directly view the contents or scroll the page to view more detailed data.
Our guiding privacy principles
         The company's handling of all personal data privacy are to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (Data Protection Act 1998) requirements.The company has also developed a set of guidelines to regulate how companies use the website to collect this data about you.
These principles are:
         • The Company is committed to continuously improve this site for your function. The company needed to use your data to assist the company objectives.
         • The company so that you have held the Company's control over your data, you can check and decide on the use of the data.
         • The Company will not be used for any other reason your data unless you have been in the company for payment authorization form check box to give the company special permission to do otherwise.
         • The Company to take all reasonable care measures, through the security policies and prudent business procedures to keep your data.
Why collect your information?
         • In order to provide you with online services. Each service has different data requirements. Accordingly, the information needed can be different. See terms and conditions of each service to learn more about details.
         • In order to strengthen or enhance your experience on this site. When you authorize payment through our form or your use of this site at your choice of displays, the Company will use the data to personalize the site in order to more effectively meet your needs.
         • In order to provide you with the Company or by the carefully selected third parties believe will be interested in your product and service data. We only will you consent to provide such data. You through the payment authorization form on the opt-in services to the Company that you agree with the choice. If you wish to cancel or change your mind and you agree to join the service, to the Company at any time as long as you can send e-mail.
         • To ensure your data is safe, in order to minimize unauthorized access to your data, risk, when you use the Site and the Company's customer service support platform, the Company will use your number to verify your identity data.
How the company collect information from you?
         The Company, through the following three ways to collect data from you:
         • Collected directly from you.The Company will sometimes ask you to provide personal information, such as filling out our registration form or when you call our free phone number.
         • Collected from a third party. The company may require your information provided by third parties, such as when you use the company credit card or debit card to obtain payment authorization.
         • From your website matters dealt with in this collection. For example, this would allow the company to understand what your most and least used products. The Company will use the data on this site can be personalized in order to more effectively meet your needs, and if you have been through in the choice of payment authorization form the Company agreed to join the service, the Company will provide you with I believe you will be interested in products and service data.
Who will see your information?
         • The data collected through this website will be used by Dragonsea. Who will actually see your data, depending on the circumstances under which you provide the relevant data, and was on the registration form whether you join the service. You can join the service at any time to change your mind, just e-mail sent to the International Dragon.
         • The Company will be some time away and the International Dragon carefully selected third parties by the sharing of your data.
The Company may be based on the decision made the following reasons:
         • In order to provide a service to you. The number of service companies and business partners to offer, so the company will need to disclose your data on partners to provide services to you. The company's terms and conditions of each service will set out clearly the information to third parties.
         • In order to provide you with information on the promotion and benefits. If you have the choice to express through you agreed to join the service, the Company may have carefully selected a number of third-party share your information so that the third parties may provide you with your products and services may be of interest data.
         • In order to protect the Dragonsea International or other persons. When the Company believes that it is necessary to comply with the law or protect our or others' rights, property or safety, we may share your information with third parties. This includes exchanging data with third parties in order to prevent fraud and reduce payment risks.
         The Company and the Company will rely on our customers and will act in the best interests of, and take with the same stringent control measures the company of the Company's third party customer data business.
How long the company will maintain your information ?
         how long the data will be saved the company collected through this website depends on the circumstances under which you provide the relevant data, and whether your payment authorization form has been added services. You can join the service at any time to change your mind, just e-mail sent to the International Dragon.
Please note:
         For you have requested or purchased through this website a service, as long as the company needed to provide the service, the Company will provide you with information services, are necessary to save your data in the case.
         As long as the company still get your permission to send you marketing information and / or forwarded to third parties your contact information, the Company will continue to save your contact information.
         The company will save you in any transaction entered into this Web site records up to six years. This is to enable the company to appear in the period to respond to any complaints or disputes.
         The company will be in the company must comply with the relevant case law and other information stored about you.
Custody of the information held
         The company aims to provide you with the Company held control of your data. You can access this website, access to your data provided to the Company. You can also use this page to modify or delete the data, including you in the process of adding services to the Company's consent.
         You can send via email to dragonsea-china@vip.163.com, contact the company's network operations team, from the website database to delete your data. Please indicate in the message subject column delete the words. This will not delete is not available through this website and in other databases or third-party Dragonsea International database of information about you. Of course, you can always ask us to correct the Company holds any information about you.
Note the optional insurance
         You can enable the company to provide you with the Company or by the carefully selected third parties believe will be interested in your product and service data. We only will you consent to provide such data. You through the payment authorization form on the opt-in services to the Company that you agree with the choice. If you change your mind and wish to cancel or add your consent matters, if at any time to send e-mail to the International Dragonsea.
Please note:
         Opt-out services on this site, it will not stop you receiving the specific service information you have expressed interest in . For example, if you have by sending an email to Dragonsea International say out of service, but want to obtain information about Travel Insurance, then you will continue to receive data sent by e-mail.
         When you add in the site selection services, which will apply only to database stored information about you. If you have been through other channels within the enterprise to provide the international Dragon data, the use of the data will not be made because of your choices on this site is affected.
         Also note that this website opt in service, which covers all information sent to you, including via email or SMS text messages sent by the data. Ensure that your data is safe.
         The Company recognizes that your privacy is important to you to also attach great importance to your understanding of your information.
         The Company has implemented various technologies and security policies, rules and measures to protect the company under the control of personal information online and offline, to avoid undue access, use, alteration, destruction and loss.
The following is the Company's some way to protect your data:
         Use our online services will be a session called SSL128 bit encryption (SSL 128 bit session encryption) technology to protect. Encryption is a sensitive data before sending it disturbing to have been intercepted if the process will remain private. 128-bit encryption is used by the business community the most powerful encryption technology. However, unless your Internet browser supports 128-bit encryption, otherwise you will not enjoy such security levels. (See below, "you how to help ensure that your data security" section).
         Under the net when your data is securely maintained in our databases and offices. We only allow trusted employees and contractors to get access to your data, and only in the specific mandate for the conduct of their time can have access. The company's computer for storing your data will be placed in a safe environment.
         The Company will not save from this website for more of the payment card data.The Company will take all reasonable steps to protect your data, but data security can never be 110% guaranteed. Please note that, unless there is negligence of the Company, otherwise the company will not be responsible for any breach of security matters.
How do you help ensure your data security?
         As you would expect of the Company, the Company will take all reasonable measures to ensure that you provide through our website data held in a secure manner and management. However, you can also take a number of ways to help ensure your data is safe - not limited to, the Company's website, at any time, you also provide data on the Internet.

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