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Our advantages

√ Integration advantages, resource sharing
    DragonSea International services more than 300 cities across the country.Reling on our strong agent network and channel and the most convenient and safest way, you can directly penetrate the network to the below the third or fourth level cities of the country, to make up the traditional logistics providers limitations, and tailor to your international baggage program to improve transport efficiency and lower transport costs. Have the advantage to integrate all resources, to establish a direct nationwide agent network. And the use of foreign institutions and agents directly, it will be supplied that international private goods door to door transport and international moving services.
√ Facilitation of the online system 
    DragonSea International developed its own personal items for the international shipping industry, logistics software and other tools to open up the industry's first of its kind, to achieve an on-line inquiry, online ordering, on-line tracking, on-line prepaid payment and other functions. The development agency and member of the website back-office systems area function together as partners shipping platform reach the customer to share logistics information platform, and form a professional, information technology, network-based logistics management system.
√ Human value-added services
 ⅰFree cardboard boxes

    DragonSea International develops a free white paper box packaging for customers .The box is chemically hardened, six cardboard repression, and cartons are added around the edge of the fixed wire,having the characteristics of high hardness, density, compression wear, etc. Large box size (61CM * 51CM * 41CM) mainly clothing boxes, clothing and daily necessities can be equipped with large, shoes, electrical appliances, etc.; the box size (56CM * 44CM * 35CM) mainly for the small clothing boxes, small pieces of clothing can be installed small part of the mixed packing books; small box size (42CM * 34CM * 27CM) mainly for book, boxes can be fitted with the books, discs, albums, stationery and so on.
 ⅱSealing tape
    Our special sealing tape is printed with our company LOGO, rubber-bandwidth 4.8CM. Ordinary tape has the poor quality,and the seal is easy to break or fall off, but our special sealing tape has strong viscosity, high temperature, toughness, and can guarantee you shipment is absolutely safe.
 ⅲ Vacuum compression bags
    vacuum compression bags can be placed in clothing and other daily necessities, then will be pumped into the air within the sub-vacuum, to reduce the volume of clothing to1 / 3 or more . It also has a moisture-proof, dust-proof, pest control and other functions. For study abroad or immigrants in those international express mail,it is the most critical issue how to save the volume and save money.
 ⅳ Vacuum pump
    The main function is to pump exhaust emptying.when used in conjunction with the vacuum bag, vacuum compressed bags is quickly out of the air, to compress the volume ,be convenient and practical.
    Marker can be provided to fill out the recipient and other information directly in our company sent free boxes.
 ⅵ Waterproof bag 
   Waterproof bag is used for the outer Packaging of all clothing to prevent moisture. After the clothing to be packed with vacuum compressed bags, the final packaging is all trapped with waterproof bag.
 ⅶ Bubble Film 
    Bubble film is mainly used for packing fragile or high-value single items, to avoid the collision damage caused during transit.
 ⅷ Strapping
    Strapping is used to reinforce cardboard to prevent damage caused by the transport of the books and otherheavy cargo. Items will be shipped to the division pack after the first reinforcement, then the international express delivery to your country of destination.
√ One month free storage service
    DragonSea will supply one month free storage service for the international customers.
√ No hidden destinations cost
   DragonSea International quoted on the website without any hidden charges, personal baggage as the world's professional company, especially in Britain, as earlier established companies, engaged in this industry, the importance attached to reputation, so rest assured that customer spending , checked worry.
√ Why selects the DragonSea?
● Our company is specialized in delivering the baggage and is one of the leading global providers of shipping agency services door to door ,the world's baggage agent distribution network up to more than 100 countries and regions;
    ●Our company is established earlier professional luggage company, has extensive experience in baggage, and is familiar with the customs operation process, a certain strength of the background, the timely clearance delivery;
    ●Our company is the most affordable prices luggage company to reach most countries with low prices than the industry out of a chip, while the service industry than companies with a competitive edge to win; 
    ●Our company value-added services can better meet the growing demand for newer concepts and services that can provide global luggage dynamic query service.

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