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Baggage process abroad

Ⅰ、Price check More>>
       Depending on your personal items consigned by the weight of goods categories, mailing city, state and other information to reach, DragonSea International customer service staff will provide you with the most economical international shipping ﹑ most appropriate mode and route.
Ⅱ、Confirm Order More>>
       DragonSea International commissioned to confirm your service, you can call the DragonSea International National free service hotline: 4008809518 contact our customer service orders, or directly through our official website (www.dragonsea-china.com) for online orders , DragonSea International customer will fill in relevant information and send you a note, until you fill in the "private attorney", "packing list", etc., you can directly scan, fax or email to DragonSea.
Ⅲ、Arrange delivery box More>>
       When we receive your submission information, clear and specific addresses and sent box after box to send, our agents will arrange for free home delivery box. We will then provide free packing materials to you, saving you the time to prepare packaging materials. At the same time, professional packing materials to get your luggage more secure protection. In arranging to send the box before, the DragonSea will be ordered based on the material you receive a corresponding number of number of deposit, this deposit will be deducted in the final shipping back to you.
Ⅳ、Pick More>>
       Please make an appointment a day ahead of the Dragon, we will arrange for agency pick-up box. To ensure the safety of your item and fast shipment, all goods, all of our focus on the domestic arrangements in Guangzhou as a starting point.
Ⅴ、Payment of the balance More>>
       Upon receipt of your item, the DragonSea will have you checked the weight and volume of the actual weighing and measuring, and will take pictures of items, issued by the "cargo transfer list." Your balance through the official website of the International DragonSea Alipay payment interface, or by wire transfer or online banking transfer ﹑ paid to our company.
Ⅵ、Global delivery More>>
       We will be through international courier and items will be sent to your recipient's destination abroad, and will provide a single number to your international express, international express directly in your website, or on the official website for the International DragonSea line dynamic track and trace your package information.

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