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Perfect six-step Baggage to China

Ⅰ、Confirm the mode of transport and offer More>>
       Please call the National Customer Service Hotline (400-880-9518) of DragonSea or visit Web: www.dragonsea-china.com Online international to removals related matters. Our customer service staff will tailor your international moving solutions, and provide policy advice and country of destination customs goods packing suggestions. Then we will offer according to the services of your choice.
Ⅱ、Free onsite assessment and measurement of volume More>>
       After confirmation of your consultation, our company will arrange business commissioner for measurement and calculate of volume and calculate the shipment time and the arrival time, and calculate the price depending on the details of your consignment items .
Ⅲ、Confirm orders, home packing More>>
       When you confirm your order, DragonSea will sign the "contract of carriage, international moving" with you and according to your itinerary, then you select the appropriate schedules and book. After booking we will provide on-site packaging services on the agreement time.Provide professional packaging for your item with professional packing team, skilled business with DragonSea Commissioner and supervisors dedicated packing materials and tools.
Ⅳ、Domestic customs and charges More>>
       DragonSea operator based on information and documents "packing list" you provide for your personal items applies Customs clearance. After customs declaration is completed, DragonSea will notify you by e-mail . Within three days after sailing, the shipping company of your booking will be issued "bills of lading", then DragonSea will provide "ocean bill of lading" to put pieces of electrical and statements to get your confirmation. After confirming, the correct amount can be arranged to DragonSea designated account.
Ⅴ、Customs clearance and distribution in destination port More>>
       Depending on your choice of DragonSea services, destination services in the form will be different; no matter which service you choose, we will follow up on the whole, and make sure you receive the item, and send via e-mail "DragonSea overall customer satisfaction survey "to you.Any of your comments and suggestions will be our basis for the development of gradual improvement.

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