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Packing Guide

  Book Packaging:
    Take a book box, seal the bottom with packing tape , put a layer of the cotton white box at the bottom pad, put the books neatly into boxes, stuff the gap with white cotton plugged, before sealing Lay a layer of white cotton in the book, seal..
  Clothing packing:
    Take a box of clothing, seal the bottom , put desiccant in the bottom, put a layer of white cotton, you will need packing clothes hanging racks, tile in the box, and then the top layer of white cotton, sealing.
 Packing fragile items:
    first, wrapped around a white hit with the volume of cotton , then wrapped in a layer of white cotton, this step must be "outside the tight loose inside", and then placed upright in the carton, surrounded with plugged with filler material, sealing the contents can not be there after the shaking.
 Non-removable Furniture Packaging:
    moderate volume of such furniture, mostly non-removable, specific packaging process is as follows: first use a white cotton backing, then a layer of bubble wrap film uniformity, such as packaging, comparison rules, and the third layer is a 5-layer thick cardboard cut plastic, sealing tape sealing; such as packaged goods are more irregular, use a layer of kraft paper, PE film and then wound.
 Furniture Package:
    Furniture volume is often too large, causing the overall handling, loading problems need to split up, the parts are packed. After the demolition of parts numbered, according to the order portfolio pieces, screws with debris bags good number. The first layer of white cotton backing on the pieces to deal with, and then evenly coated using the bubble film, the third layer of brown paper cut according to the corresponding shape of parts after sealing tape sealing, packaging complete.
 Expensive electrical packaging: such items to be pre:
    refrigerator will need to open the rear cover plate of the water let go of the water, dry with the towel, the power cord wrapped around the tailgate on the fixed storage room partitions be removed; TV required the dismantling of the base, power cord wrapped around the wire wrapped around the machine after the board can be packaged. Packaging process is as follows: the first layer using a white cotton backing, the second layer of film with uniform bubble wrap, wrap the third tier with EPE, the fourth layer thick cardboard cutting, sealing tape edge.
 Piano Package:
    piano for valuables, and some even centuries, to be done inside and outside the two-piano packaging, the packaging process is as follows: first use a white cotton backing, and then evenly coated bubble film, PE film is fixed, then piano outside in the coated kraft paper; the outer packaging to be customized in advance in order to avoid high-strength honeycomb fumigation wooden or cardboard boxes, will do a good job of packing a good piano into predefined box, sealing, packaging complete.

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