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Move from Suzhou to Canada
  • Distance11326km
  • Shipping25 Day
  • volume10m³
  • Score
After nearly three months of waiting, our furniture and various accessories arrived in Toronto safely on November 10. Perhaps because the overseas agency that served us during the epidemic is a little unsatisfactory, fortunately, the goods arrived at home intact, which is our happiest thing, so we are very grateful for their hard work. During the whole moving process, we would like to thank bill (Mr. Huang) of Dragonsea and his domestic team. Bill has always been online, answering all questions and doing his best from moving consultation to domestic door-to-door packaging to overseas delivery of goods. Due to the time difference, it was late at home when the goods arrived, and I was still at home. Only children were present at home overseas, so Bill kept waiting online, patiently listened to the problems that the children needed his help, and contacted us online. I was really moved. If we move internationally next time, we will still choose Dragonsea to cooperate with bill.
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