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Move from Shanghai to Canada
  • Distance11298km
  • Shipping21 Day
  • volume2.5m³
  • Score
In the face of having no way to handle the indispensable sundries and having a headache about how to handle them from a long distance, I was lucky to find Dragonsea international transportation company. From patient and detailed Q & A in the initial stage to careful integration on the day of handling, whether the coordinators of various departments on wechat or the staff working on the spot, their patience and enthusiasm are the soul interspersed in the whole process. They can understand, respect and tolerate me in the face of my various needs, making me feel like a spring breeze. Thanks again to Dragonsea international for helping me make the impossible possible. I believe that when I am in my new home in a foreign country, when I use and see very familiar items, I will be grateful to me who insisted on choosing "Dragonsea international" at that time.
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