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Move from Tianjin to Australia
  • Distance7730km
  • Shipping28 Day
  • volume28m³
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Because their children work and live in Australia. As parents, what I miss is to settle down their families, solve their worries and concentrate on their work, so I'm going to send some furniture to Australia. Affected by the epidemic situation, it took more than half a year from the preparation for moving to Brisbane to the real implementation. Finding a suitable moving company to move my favorite items to a new home requires careful selection. Fortunately, I have unique insight. I contacted Dragonsea in many international moving companies. From the first step, Mr. Huang, the customer manager, tracked the service, which makes me very relieved! When I see my familiar furniture intact at home, an indescribable pleasure arises! The arrival of all this is the credit of Dragonsea international. Their hard-working spirit is worthy of the trust of every employer. They are worthy of being the most professional team for cross-border relocation! Thank you, Dragonsea international!
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