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Moving to Malaysia International shipping Experience

Immigrants to Malaysia , trying to stay in China over the use of old furniture and clothing items shipped within , because the reasons they do not have time to return to work with, hope that the experience of people informed , first of all I was used goods , furniture, kitchen supplies, because the family has a lot of debris , not setting them . Here to talk about shipping furniture, luggage , clothes, kitchen supplies to the Malaysian experience, my experience can learn together .
1 Network to find a few companies were compared , I feel more professional companies, remove some unprofessional companies, mainly to see the company's Web site , because the site is a portal , it is more attention
2 . OK good shipping company . Usually all shipping agency , shipping companies collect personal belongings will be in the form of LCL sea .
3 . To determine whether the place where you can do the personal belongings of the shipping companies, and some companies are not qualified to do private goods by sea .
4 . Whether the company can do DoortoDoor maritime transport , meaning that if you can pick up from your accommodation and then shipped to your city , because you may not harbor city , but also road transport . Usually at the destination , you need to own the warehouse delivery .
5. Personal items generally are light cargo , according to cubic meters . Asked one cubic meter of cargo , no more than 300 kg . Sea freight and road freight is calculated by cubic meters. Usually one cubic meter of departure, less than one cubic meter by one cubic meter money. That is something you shipped 0.5 m3 , 1 m3 pay the money , 1.1 m3 something over 0.1 by 0.1 cubic items to collect the money.
6. The basic flow of goods transport them home delivery - to reach the shipping company warehouse - Port warehouse - customs check - shipment - Transportation - to reach the port of destination - road transport to your destination warehouse - your own local customs clearance - to warehouse delivery . Usually you need to explain your shipping company where your goods are shipped to where. If your home or your destination is in port, it does not need part of the road transport .
7 . Said the following about the specific processes and precautions sea
( 1 ) . I'm ready carton goods , packing , sealing well.
( 2 ) . Measurement box size, estimate the weight of each cubic do not exceed 300 kg .
( 3 ) . Prepare a list of items , Chinese , including the number of boxes , each box size, each box filled with stuff. Need more detail, if not detailed, easy to be unpacking .
( 4 ) . If you're with appliances, be sure to write down the model number, serial number. But do not write on the items in the list , keep after use .
( 5 ) . If you take the drugs, or plant something, it is best not to write on a list of items or without . To check out the plants, seeds , animals and animal fur items such as plants and soil will be destroyed on the spot , and collect destruction costs . There is alcohol or tobacco, only with a little bit , it can not free tariff , the tariff is 50% -60 % ; therefore pay special attention to this , if it is identified as the customs impact on the environment , may not be returned directly to the Immigration to China .
( 6 ) . To clearly written on each box , the consignee 's name, ( is that the declarant 's name ) , destination address , telephone number ( in the overseas telephone number, destination )
( 7 ) . For each box number.
( 8 ) . To take pictures all the boxes to prevent shipping damage claims.
Summary: DragonSea also very grateful to remind the international moving company , so I understand a lot of those who should not be transported , and precautions , after the completion of the move , very satisfied with their service.

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