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How to choose the Shanghai International Moving to the UK transport line?

How to choose the Shanghai International Moving to the UK transport line?

First, get moving , then be sure to choose one that suits their immigration moving company, that is, we usually say shop around. How to shop around it? We can do some research from the reputation , price, reputation, quality of service , customer Response, Compensation , and so on . We may think this is very troublesome, but I can tell you , what happens once out , it will bring you more unnecessary trouble. And the best detailed quotation, so you own a clearer grasp of the tariff .

International moving company in choosing when to pay attention to choose a brand with a good reputation , the strength of the moving company, not just by a phone call or a promotional paper , blindly scheduled . Consumers should avoid telephone appointment was the way , the best moving company nearest to negotiable . In addition to these, you should be aware of some of the customs of things, for example, you want to know the customs tariff policy . For example, international moving to the UK , some of the used vacuum cleaners , bicycles , etc. must be cleaned , used for agricultural production supplies is best not to take . Like pouring water over the pipes, weeding tools used , saddles, riding golf clubs used to clean and so on. On the clearance table to write on the entourage list , which also can avoid some trouble.

Some companies offer so-called door to door service fee will be calculated separately , such as the domestic part of the moving company to pay some portion of the cost to be paid to foreign ports, some paid customs and freight forwarding companies, services provided by these companies white said that the door to the port services and abroad there will certainly be a hidden cost of fees , so finding a lump sum can cost companies .

In the move , the first thing to be fully ready to work , put all the scattered things into boxes or packaged parts into a whole . Secondly , you can ask the moving company to send more staff . Finally, a reasonable time and travel arrangements , schedules to try to match your itinerary , it is best that you arrange in a week after the landing of the ship to the port , so you have sufficient time to prepare customs clearance .

I move , I remember after the contact, ask the relevant processes and maritime matters , customer service is also very enthusiastic and I explain a lot of my questions in the commentary DragonSea International customer service , learned that the original handling it easy, and DragonSea International Moving companies in order to be able to carry a piano and a special professional packaging , and packaging materials to ensure the safety of the piano . With the UK working time to promote , international moving quickly to finalize things down . And a month to go before the UK agreed a door package . In the beginning of the sea that will be more trouble, but the real step by step, international moving , or very light .
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