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Shipping moves from Beijing to Toronto door-to-door transport process

international moveLooking on the Internet for detailed Raiders of the sea, unable to find, no way, they closed the blind knocked one back, recorded the process is fine for you to later reference:


Saw two advertisements on the Internet, Beijing, Guangzhou, they looked and I still don't understand the Web site, called and asked twice, and some cheaper prices in Guangzhou, shipping cost, and ask them to pick up.


Hit 30 big and small packages, piled up a room.


After you get the ticket June 18, good packaging and delivery to the door of Guangzhou is June 8. At 10 o'clock in the morning that day, a driver, 4 master packaging and Porter, soon moving packing up your stuff.


Passport and his Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant card express to Guangzhou Dragon international moving companies. Two days later they express again all was OK. They put bills of lading mailed to me, I just hit them through the bank account. Because shipping is calculated on the cubic, and less than a party also arrived at as a party, I was a little more than 4, 5 party to pay. Hehe, I knew I filled it 5 cubic meters.


Dragon International was a package deal, clearly detailed in the contract costs, no hidden fees. Have a friend looking for freight forwarding companies before specific charges in Toronto was not asking, just said not too many ports, customs clearance costs total more than more than 200 dollars, and ask of their delivery to the door don't know, when it comes to the Toronto Office should be even cheaper. But would like to ask a price for reference but always ask not to, so here to remind you, be sure to select the shipping service that offers clear.


international moveWaited 20 days after Toronto, call the shipping company to ask, said cargo yet to come. Will notice, and I query the tracking information, hehe, also at sea?


Around July 10 call, said total, the 14th Hong Kong Dragon international movers overseas agents to help me apply for a clearance service, and home delivery.


Customs clearance is not many people, two or three people lined up, and customs staff ask me: have something to bring you in the future? Because it is too unprepared, I answered. I don't know if there is, if you can stay in Guangzhou, the other furniture here. A pity!


Home delivery when the moving company only took less than two hours to get. But since I am on the third floor, and there is no freight elevator, stair with agent sent by the two brothers had moved upstairs to my bed books, of course, I would have gone with them. Still help me unpack some more boxes, put in place, assemble furniture too, to clean up the trash when he finally went, thought everyone was pretty hard, and give a little, Oh, watching the House well, feeling very refreshed.

international moveAbove is associate new immigrants from Beijing shipping moved to Toronto door to door transport process, following on to everyone summary several recommends: if to handle shipping of friends, remember: 1) asked clearly whether door to door, that sent to you in Canada of address, whether also paid, here prevent has hidden costs; 2) to found professional of international moved company, if has precious of items, best using international moved professional of packaging service, carefully dressing goods in transport in the to guarantees security transport, do goods list, Easy to spot when receiving checks; 3) be sure to sign a good contract, also had the best take out full insurance, avoid cargo damage, maritime mutual wrangling with local carriers moving; 4) when you receive the goods, inspections on the spot, if damaged, requiring delivery man put down a sheet of paper, sign, and, for the first time to settle through negotiations.


Expensive furniture abroad, new immigrants may wish to consider from its went from internally-belt, did not try to bring some abroad also are more expensive, which would deal a lot, shipping time is normally a month or so.

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