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Moving to Australia need to be aware of the details of his life

international moveImmigrants need to pay attention to the details of his life after moving to Australia is as follows:

In places small intersection or a pedestrian traffic lights blink, vehicle will stop and pedestrians pass. Tress, thanks.

In accordance with rules of the road, out of the garage or keep clear required when entering the main road crossing the main road vehicle lines, but if in front of a red light, the main road vehicles will generally pause, you first. Tress, thanks.

When driving on the main road, in front of a red light, time for lateral vehicle in safe and come in.

When the congestion on their side of the road, please do not walk a little faster because some lanes dot force and lines.

When driving on the main road, in front of a red light, please don't stop keep clear sign, this is reserved for other vehicles to pass.

When driving on the main road, if the vehicle was turning right opposite the vehicle plug queued up, turn right opposite the vehicle up in the security line, yield one or two cars, you can resume normal traffic on the other side.

If the car in front slowed down, do not honk. It is very impolite.

If it encounters green junction, however, the forward has congestion, then please place stop, don't open your past affect the left and right sides of the vehicle to pass.

If the car in front of it, stop, do not honk. It is very impolite.

Many roads can park on the left side of the road, even if that will occupy half the lanes. When you find out ahead when parking on the left side, you can expect that vehicles must drive on the left and to the right line, on when it is safe to slow down the other side and come in. Not seeing someone and line speed, this is immoral.

When I opened the door, please pay attention behind anybody, as far as possible the door behind the man with ease.

Please wait in line in line places. In line if you don't know, you ask.

Do not press the close button in the elevator. Save two or three seconds to do something.

"Excuse Me" or "Sorry", "Thank you," "How are you" words to practice well.

When people get lost is found, and enthusiastic way.

Finding someone (such as pregnant women, the elderly, children, the disabled) when you need help, please help.

Put recyclable rubbish and recycling waste.

In General, please don't consider only your own feelings, you need to learn to care for others. Concrete examples would have thought of so many, thought to add in the future.

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