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From Beijing International moving shipping luggage to Canada from door to door experience

international moveMy husband and I have been in CANADA for almost five years, the so-called first-generation immigrants and stable hardware, except no pets, other basic had. Because few of the jars, today I found there's a debate about international moving shipping luggage and want to put my family's shipping luggage and you talk about.

Today, if I had to choose shipping luggage, I have asserted that: never.

Personal opinion, General Maritime furniture, antiques, calligraphy and painting, valuable items such as electrical appliances, pianos, sea transportation would be more cost-effective.

First of all, what do you want to ship?

Large pieces of furniture, electrical appliances: If Canada to relocate and then buying a, that is not a small amount of expenditure. And abroad more expensive, solid wood furniture is also relatively small.

Clothes: some nice, but do not have much weight and volume of the clothes, you can have shipped more, because Canada's expensive cotton products and plastics giant.

Daily necessities: bring abroad does not, everyday items can bring some of the more expensive. Bring some plastic products, such as hangers, basins, rubbish bin. And cotton products such as sheets, quilt cover, and that it is necessary.

Secondly, please consider:

Souvenirs: If more than ten years of marriage, a lot of things and did not want to, put on one of your most satisfying two pictures, the rest of the Pack, at MOM's House, when you bought a House here, bring back when returned; otherwise it references any of the above reasons;

Book: scholars, such as life, but after coming here, I'm afraid you don't have the time or mood to read anymore (except for the English-language book) so if you really want to take, take on that unless you don't look at it will awake each day (just got here, and is probably only want to go to bed tired), other references of souvenirs;

Can't think of it, is there anything else you mentioned.

Finally, you could take on, for new immigrants as much as possible to bring them to take advantage of tax, shipping more and cheaper prices.

Delegate Beijing Dragon international shipping moving company we did, from Hong Kong to Vancouver (Hong Kong), Beijing door-to-door package delivery, reinforcement package delivered to a customs bonded warehouse. Carton packaging is calculated after fees by packaging, carton materials are imported, is so strong that don't have to worry about to disperse. Beijing-Xingang packaging costs dropped fees total RMB1200. Upon arrival at the port of discharge, single fee paid USD30 USD85 customs clearance fees, as well as the transportation of the home from the warehouse (MIN 4 CBM) approximately USD200, these costs are our shipping, specifically depends on the contract offer, after all, all transported goods and weight are not the same.

In discharging costs can be selected to Canada again, only at home RMB1200+ shipping + packing fee. Shipment could get the Bill of lading, the boat of about 1-2 days, this is the right credential, will come to the unloading ports on its delivery. Domestic fee in the Bill of lading in Exchange, RMB exchange rate with 8.4.

My feeling is that Dragon international shipping moving company services is good, very professional, in package, LCL's customers to consider, the cost is a package deal, with no hidden fees. Select a door to door service pickup, home delivery, customs clearance, customs clearance procedures are represented by their agent, only submit original copies of passports, immigration papers, recommendation letters, packing slip, on the line.

Above is from Beijing International moving shipping luggage to Canada from door to door experience, hope this information is helpful to sea friends.

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