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Shipping furniture for new immigrants to Australia port of what would be the cost?

international moveQ: shipping furniture to Australia destinations of immigrants what would be the cost? And how?


Answer: immigration destination shipping furniture to Australia will cost Hong Kong fees (including THC, for a single fee, terminal handling charges and so on) inspection fee, and miscellaneous fees in Hong Kong are generally between $ 200 to $ 400, inspection costs about $ 300. But if the clearance period has a problem, and will generate higher demurrage and storage charges, so make sure to communicate well in advance, in addition, is destination agents have a lot of services are not included, such as load handling fees, delivery charges for the second time, and so on. So be sure to get professional international moving services company, signed a contract see when fees, unreasonable.


Foreign furniture is generally very high, and the style is not so full, so, for the new immigration policy of immigration for the first time to bring the furniture, household goods shipping, start a new life!


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Shipping furniture for new immigrants to Australia port of what would be the cost? Relevant Recommend

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