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International shipping when moving about the kitchen goods packaging tips

international move"Moved home, and moved world" of spirit, Dragon international moved company using quality of packaging material and good of packaging quality, and shipping technology, combines global range within reliable of door to door agent network, we will customer by shipping of items (family supplies, and electric, and furniture, and books, and clothing, and kitchenware, and antique, and art, and private items and the piano, large items,) security, and satisfaction to served destinations. Normally these great things for their homes, but when moving, these are some of the problems, the following migration shipping when moving about the kitchen packing tips can help you save a lot of trouble:

Categories: newspaper parcel from large to small overlap. Ropes across the cross into the pot. Blade blade bread with thick paper, and then fixed with duct tape to glue.

Tableware categories: tableware overlapping paper wrapped tray horizontally placed inside a cardboard box, forks, spoons and 4-5 tied together well.

Bottle types: separately in a plastic bag, curled into cardboard boxes with a newspaper, then carton interval is cross-tied, on the angle of the bow.

Chopper: thick paper into the sheath, secure the blade wrapped with duct tape. Shaft must be revealed, tells people at a glance is a kitchen knife, more peace.

Plates: plates and dishes between the air bubbles or creases of the newspaper. About 2 to 3 as a set and then tied with poly-bags. Case please pay attention to vertical.

More than just plates and knives, some kitchenware and tableware are to keep the Pack, or is likely to cause inconvenience when moving.

Specialized workers in the packing and shipping process adheres to strict quality control standards, you can follow the guidelines of the employee manual, the packaging manual, the Handbook of boxing. Every single business person in charge, a salesman for the entire business track, from door-to-door goods until the goods have arrived at their destination, which makes it easy for the customer to maintain effective communication with us, but also to the quality of service control. Long-term and stable cooperation with shipping companies and customs brokers ensures that our advantages of tariff and low-risk operations. Neat spacious warehouse is another guarantee of our quality services. Code of the customer's goods would be reasonable, even after all these years will keep it that way, not to damage and loss.

Because we believe that every client is special, we provide the customer with the best possible and considerate service as the goal. Our slogan is: moving, moving world – geographical change, changed! safe, inexpensive and enjoyable journey will start with our first contract.

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