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Shanghai International moved to United Kingdom piano, furniture and luggage transport packaging

international movingOne-stop international moved to the United Kingdom for piano, furniture, luggage shipment packing and shipping service, ten years in moving quality, trustworthy! Dragon international moving company is specialized in international transportation of the personal effects, namely, international relocation. Immigrants, foreign workers, tourists, students, businessmen, diplomats, as well as long-term transactions in international Chinese citizens is our main target. Shanghai international migrants move, private transport, transport of goods, parcels international express, furniture, electrical equipment shipments, couch consignment fragile shipment, luggage shipping services, our professionals are responsible for moving goods packaging, pick-up, customs declaration, customs clearance, door to door service.

Based Yu China maximum of port Shanghai--global service network throughout world around, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and Macau, and Singapore, and Malaysia, and Canada, and Vancouver, and United States, and Melbourne, and Japan, and Australia, and New Zealand, and Auckland, and Toronto, and Seattle, and Jakarta, and Indonesia, and India, and Germany, and France, and United Kingdom, and Brisbane, and Norway, and more than 300 over port and city, we of transport can extends to world each corner.

Services offered:

1, to provide one-stop door to door moving services (pick-up, packaging, delivery to your new home).

2, can be delivered to customers in advance to move boxes to facilitate consolidation of customer belongings.

3, to provide customs clearance services, charge d ' affaires to move transportation insurance, once the goods in danger will be wholly responsible for the processing of claims, remove your worries.

Transport of personal belongings: clothes, shoes, books, Office supplies, kitchen supplies, toys, food, etc. Such items a long distance moving cartons-dominated, after small items, fragile items packed in packing materials and packed into cartons, convenient to new homes after collation.

international moveTransport of furniture and appliances: big closet, bed, TV, dining table, Dining chairs, computer desks, Office chairs, tables and chairs, the boss screen armchairs and sofas, coffee tables, rattan chair and a variety of vintage furniture, mahogany furniture, and so on. Computers, television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, electric fans, air conditioning, fitness and a variety of electrical appliances.

According to cargo reacts to different ways of packaging and packaging materials: bubble film, carton, stretch film, wood-frame, vacuum compression bags, waterproof bags and so on.

Precious and the irregular transport of goods: piano, mahogany furniture, works of art, antiques, sculptures, clocks, paintings, etc. All the packaging process is conducted in a client's home, if customers are dissatisfied after packaging, available at no charge for secondary packaging.

Through us, you can save a lot of time and unnecessary effort, provide you with a set of specialized international relocation plan in detail. We put the entire demolished in the handling, packing, pallets, shipping until your smooth transition process tracking control, network location through tracking to ensure your safety. All you need is a phone, what was left to us.

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