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Mark complete and submit clearance documents

1、contact information about mark of checked boxes
      1、If you choose our free boxes, you must mark in both sides of the box and completely fill out the correct contact information, according to the needs of the above information. (See photo samples of carton boxes filled marks)
      2、 If you choose to check your own luggage, you must print contact information posted in two boxes (or fill in with block letters clearly) before checked , then be sure to use our free transparent film wrapped around, in order to avoid the inconvenience sending caused by contact information falling off . (See photo samples of the trunk boxes filled marks)
      Sent to China's domestic baggage, fill in block letters in Chinese cardboard box marks the need to fill in the information office; sent to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, in principle, luggage filled with traditional Chinese, and the other based on the actual circumstances of the case, but it must be completed.
      You fill out a complete and accurate delivery of information in order to better our situation according to the local delivery agent, to reduce unnecessary trouble and inconvenience ,to change your future inquiries and offers a full range of follow-up the recipient address value-added services premise.
2、Baggage clearance documents required to submit standardized information
      If you choose our company for your checked baggage, you need to provide the following information to our company, be checked before the procedure.
1、the copy of Passport
      This refers to the need a copy of that page which is the first page of passport this document will be given to our staff when collecting box . (See sample copy of passport photos)
2、Packing List
     This refers to information required to fill in the form of packing to prepare for our customs purposes, this document can be downloaded at our website packing list (blank packing list, please click to download), then when the collection box give to our staff (see packing list sample photo)
3、Copies certified by the school
    This refers to the need in the school's certificate issued by the school. (See sample copy certified by the school with photos)
4、VISA entry record copies
     This means you are needed "border control" chapter when back to country the last time with the airport customs officers. (VISA entry records a copy of the sample see attached photo)

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