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    Customized exclusive international transportation programme
    Just submit your requirements, all things will be done by Dragonsea
    Perfectly customized one-stop door-to-door service
    Submit requirements only, done by us wholly
    • Customized service

      Customized service

      Submit your personalized requirements by calling, communicating online, submitting information online, etc. Sales consultant will design shipping plan for you

    • Contract signing

      Contract signing

      Make service contract for determination according to shipping plan and service requirements you choose, and sign it online before on-site service

    • On-site service

      On-site service

      Provide on-site service such as on-site packaging, on-site delivery, and on-site pickup at agreed time according to service method you choose

    • International transportation

      International transportation

      Provide international transportation by sea, air or express according to shipping method you choose after customs declaration of personal items at place of departure

    • Domestic customs clearance

      Domestic customs clearance

      Make entry declaration for personal luggage at customs of port of destination with your valid certificate and assist customs to complete tax exemption review, tax payment, etc.

    • Item distribution

      Item distribution

      Distribute items to your home at scheduled time and provide unpacking, restoration, garbage removal and furniture assembly services according to service method you choose

    Why choose us
    More than 10 years of industry experience makes moving easier
    Annual service for 10000 groups of family and enterprise customers, widely praised by customers
    The service covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and all over China
    Multiple customizable services to meet customer demand for prices and services
    International moving association core members, operating and service standards higher than industry standards
    Experienced consultant team combined with powerful database, customized service on demand
    Systematic and active security system, linked through the international transport system
    Walking together
    Joint hands with global elites to purchase returning in group
    Service process

    110s,Submit “group purchase demand” online

    2Within 8h, Will call back to feedback the demand matching situation

    3Within 24h, Will collect your package at your residence

    Special reminder: Returning call will be made in 9-20 o'clock in your local time to not disturb your rest. Please understand that returning call shall be slightly delayed in case of domestic holidays.
    Consulting Group Consultant
    Consulting service
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    Customization starts with details
    Strict regulatory standards for a better service experience only
    What we provide is not only packaging, but also peace of mind for you
    • Supervision service

      An experienced supervisor will be arranged to be responsible for on-site management and customer coordination when packing on-site

    • List preparation

      A dedicated label will be affixed after packaging of each item is completed, and packing list will be organized according to label number

    • Indoor protection

      key locations such as interior door frames, floors, and corridors will be protected before packing

    • Item packaging

      Each item will be packed in accordance with guidelines of International Association of Moving to ensure suitability for international shipping

    • Quantity counting

      Supervisor will count all packaging items with you and provide a receipt after packaging service is completed

    • Indoor cleaning

      Staff will return to interior to clean up garbage fragments generated at packing site and recycle them after loading items

    Global unified warehousing system will meet your travel demands

    Warehouse of DradonSea has no minimum storage requirements. Items can enter and exit at any time to meet various demands for warehouse

    Warehousing booking
    • Luggage storage

      Separate storage boxes are accessible at any time and billed on a daily basis

      Warehousing booking
    • Home storage

      Paid warehousing and ex-warehousing, whole deposit and whole withdrawal, and billed on a weekly basis

      Warehousing booking
    • Item custody

      Paid warehousing and ex-warehousing, whole deposit and scattered withdrawal, and billed on a weekly basis

      Warehousing booking
    • Long-term storage

      Paid warehousing and ex-warehousing, single room storage, and billed on a monthly basis

      Warehousing booking
    Online warehousing booking
    • Basic Information
    • Departure country
      City or zip code
    • Last name
    • Phone
    • Lease Date
    • Starting time
      End time
    • Place items
    Experienced customs declaration team can make your items customs clearance smoothly
    • Collection of documents

      Remind one week before arriving, collect 3 days before arriving, and return 3 days after arriving to minimize hours of use

    • Preparation of documents

      Special merchandiser will prepare clearance documents in advance and check with customers on the day of receipt

    • Application for tax exemption

      Experienced customs officers will give advice and suggestions on raising tax exemption quota based on households and items

    • Inspection of customs

      special person will assist inspection and restore unpacked items according to inspection time provided by customs

    • Application for tax payment

      Staff will give advice and suggestions on reasonable declarations based on professional experience, customs tax payment policies and items

    Treat every items as treasure and provide systematic security measures
    • Management system

      Keep all links interlocked and push dynamic notifications in real time at each process

    • Quality Assurance Department

      Supervision process thoroughly, follow up customers' service experiences proactively

    • Sales Consultant

      Check on customer identity strictly to ensure safety

    • Merchandiser

      Work in accordance with operating specifications to ensure smooth flow

    • Guarantee of insurance

      International well-known insurance companies provide deep customization services

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