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  • International Baggage

    You still exorbitant fines airline baggage worry it? DragonSea International to provide the most economical and safest way international baggage services covering more than 100 countries and regions.

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International Baggage

DragonSea International is a global professional international baggage handling company, global service network in over 100...Read more

Baggage to China

DragonSea International is a global professional international baggage handling company, headquartered...Read more

International Moving

DragonSea International, headquartered in the United Kingdom (en.dragonsea-china.com), global service....Read more


  • International Baggage Process

    Depending on your personal items consigned by the weight of goods categories, mailing city, state and other information to reach, Dragonsea International customer service staff will......

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  • Baggage to China Process

    Before checking your baggage, please first contact us to confirm method of checking(sea or air), and estimate the number of boxes you need to book ( there are available free......

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  • International Moving Process

    Please call the National Customer Service Hotline (400-880-9518) of Dragonsea or visit Web: www.dragonsea-china.com Online international to removals related matters......

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About the company

DragonSea International, founded in 2001 and headquartered in the UK, global service network in over 100 countries and regions in China for nearly 300 cities.Through our international agent network and strong channel, dedicated to students, foreign teachers and foreign enterprises in China, immigrants and those who work abroad to provide the most professional international private goods transportation service solutions, providing international baggage and move to the international door to door......Read more

International Moving Case appreciate

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