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    More than 270090 customers has used international moving services of DragonSea
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    • Groupage services
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    Personalized service methods,can meet demands of different customers
    Exclusive customized one-stop international moving solution

    What is groupage services

    To concentrate all customer items in warehouse, load them into containers, and assemble them to foreign location directly by using numerous customer groups and bases as support, influence and appeal of platform of our company on the basis of traditional door-to-door service of international moving


    Provide a platform for customers to purchase in group independently

    • Save on shipping fee

      Self-consolidation of many customers can reduce price difference of shipping companies

    • Save on customs declaration fee

      Declarations submitted in batches can reduce declaration expenses

    • Save on dock fee

      Direct entry into self-operated customs supervision warehouse at port of destination can save public warehouse fees

    • Save on distribution fee

      Distribution along the planned route can maximize the use of distribution personnel


    Reduce transfers and eliminate operations of public warehouse

    • Safe in loading

      Container loading by warehouse staff of DragonSea can avoid loading of customs warehouse staff

    • Safe in item

      Packing principle is based on safety of items, but not quantity of packing.

    • Safe in unloading

      Unloading of own personnel of foreign agent can avoid unloading of personnel of public warehouse

    • Safe in distribution

      Distribution of own vehicles and personnel can reduce transit process between warehouses

    Intended for
    Customer groups with an item volume of less than 20 cubic meters
    Service Features
    • Cost saving
    • Ensure safety
    • Cost-effective
    • Simple procedure
    • Aging stability
    • Full tracking
    Hot deals
    • American
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • EU
    • New Zealand
    • Britain
    • Taiwan
    • Singapore
    • Malaysia

    What is door-to-door

    Package all the materials, which will be then shipped to the port nearest to the destination after the customs declaration; After the completion of the clearance of the personal belongings, they will be delivered to your destination house where we will render the services of unpacking, putting in position, assembly of simple furniture, and cleaning of garbage.


    All you need is submitting your demands, with the rest completed by us.

    • Customized shipping plan

      The professional team will design the tailored service scheme as demanded by you.

    • Design the packaging scheme

      Design an appropriate packaging scheme in accordance with different conditions of different materials.

    • Making customs documents

      Professional order-followers will assist in preparing the Import & Export customs-declaration documents.

    • Customize the tracking scheme

      Choose from online tracking, manual tracking, server-push tracking and other follow-up schemes as required.


    The professional team will complete, and save you from, any labor.

    • Packing of Materials

      The professional supervisor will lead a team to your location and diligently pack each material.

    • Customs Declaration of Materials

      All you need is the supply of the copy of the ID card, with no need to be present.

    • Customs Clearance of Materials

      All you need is filling in the inbound duty-free application form, with the rest completed by us.

    • Delivery of Materials

      The professional team will render services of positioning, unpacking, cleaning and assembly.

    Intended for
    Want to save the worry and effort to experience personalized service customer groups
    Service Features
    • Exclusive custom
    • Peace of mind
    • Ensure safety
    • Ensure timeliness
    • Follow up
    • Delivery on demand
    Value-added services
    • 15 days storage
    • Box door
    • Collection furniture
    • Making pallets
    • WeChat dynamic
    • Booking delivery

    What is door-to-port

    Pack all the materials or collect the materials at your location and send them to our warehouse, then use PV strips to pack the carton, and make non-fumigation pallets; After the customs declaration, the materials will be then shipped to your designated destination port where you will have to arrange the clearance by yourself and take delivery of the materials after paying the port expenses of the destination port.


    Multiple value-added services will be rendered to you for free

    • Free box delivery

      We will supply cartons and various auxiliary materials to your house for your self-packing

    • Free home delivery

      We will collect the materials from your location across China at the appointed time.

    • Free warehousing

      The materials may be stored for up to 15 days in any operation center of DragonSea.

    • Free fabrication of pallets

      The packaging of the materials will be reinforced upon warehousing, and the non-fumigation pallets will be fabricated.


    We can achieve anything that you may or may not come up with.

    • Consultancy of customs policies

      Professional customer-service consultants will provide policy consultancy of the destination customs.

    • Guidance on clearance documents

      Experienced order-followers will guide the filling-in of the clearance documents by phone.

    • Guidance on the packing manners

      Professional supervisors will call back to guide the packing of all kinds of materials as per the demands.

    • Making customs documents

      Formulate the standard export customs-declaration documents as per the details of the materials.

    Intended for
    Customers with fewer items and price requirements
    Service Features
    • Free delivery box
    • Free box collection
    • Discount price
    • Guaranteed time limit
    • Convenient procedure
    Intimate service
    • Make English list
    • Making pallets
    • Free reinforced carton
    • Provide dynamic push
    Perfect service process,makes you enjoyconvenient and worry-freeinternational moving
    Submit requirements only, done by us wholly
    Why choose us
    More than a decade of concentration, "stay hungry, stay foolish"
    Industry-leadingservice standards,to protectyour items
    All to "make moving easier"
    • Packaging standards for items
    • Standards for packaging material
    • Standards for on-site service
    • Standards for warehouse service
    • Standard for documentary
    • Standard for overseas services
    • Furniture
    • Household appliances
    • Household items
    • Perishable items
    • Dining table
      Table-board should be disassembled from dining table for packing separately for marble or glass-type dining tables to prevent table-board from being damaged due to vibration during transportation
    • Dining chair
      Backrest of backrest dining chair can be exposed when packing for place up and down to save space; armchair-type dining chair need to be closed to prevent armrests from breaking due to squeezing
    • Sofa
      Sofa feet should be paid attention to when packing sofa. Sofa feet should be disassembled for packing or covered with single layer of pearl cotton to prevent feet from piercing carton if feet are thin
    • Cabinet
      Handles need to be removed before packing for cabinets with protruding handles to avoid bump damage due to protrusion; shelves for glass shelving cabinets need to be packed separately
    • TV
      TV base must be packed separately from screen after disassembly to avoid damage to connection due to shaking; a layer of cardboard of screen part should be added for special protection
    • Refrigerator
      Refrigerator should be powered off one day in advance before packing to avoid wetting carton out with melting ice; tilt of refrigerator cannot exceed 45 degrees during loading to avoid damage to compressor.
    • Washing machine
      Roller of roller washing machine must be fixed with original screws before packing to avoid damage to shell of washing machine due to shaking of roller during transportation
    • Loudspeaker
      Support frame of large loudspeaker should be removed and packed separately and shock-proofing should be done before packing to avoid damage to connection parts due to vibration during transportation
    • Clothing and luggage
      Valuable and non-foldable clothing can be put into hanging carton, small clothing and luggage can be folded into large box; desiccant can be placed before sealing to prevent moisture
    • CD
      CDs can be loaded into DragonSea CD cartons; this is a carton designed by DragonSea International based on conventional CD size; CDs need to be put into special boxes or bags before putting into cartons
    • Books
      Books of same type can be placed in a box and marks can be remarked in carton box, so that workers can place according to remarks at destination
    • Crafts
      Crafts should be packed in shockproof cartons when packing; fragile or valuable crafts can be placed one box with one craft according to actual situation
    • Bowl and dish
      Bowl and dish cartons are special cartons designed and customized by DragonSea International in accordance with regular dish specifications of families with characteristics of hygiene, environmental protection and safety
    • Oil painting
      Oil paper needs to be used as a primer and shock-proofing needs to be done when packing oil painting; they must be placed upright during transportation to avoid damage caused by direct compression by other items
    • Piano
      Pianos are heavy and fragile items, which should be placed in wooden carton with pallet as soon as possible and loaded with forklifts to avoid accidents caused by manual handling
    • Marble countertops
      Marble countertops are extremely fragile items; it is necessary to customize wooden cartons after packaging and fill wooden cartons fully to avoid breakage caused by transportation shaking
    • Before on-site packing
    • During on-site packing
    • After on-site packing
    • - 01 -

      Prepare sufficient packing materials and suitable vehicles according to items to be packed

    • - 02 -

      Inform supervisors of contact information, arrival time and precautions in advance through email, SMS of system

    • - 03 -

      Inspect walls, floors of packaging area, sign reports, and remind customers to keep high-value items

    • - 04 -

      Check items that need to be shipped with customers, and plan materials and area where items are placed

    • - 05 -

      Arrange workers to wear uniforms and shoe covers to work in different areas

    • - 01 -

      Check packing quality of items according to company standards

    • - 02 -

      Post a numbered shipping mark on each item

    • - 03 -

      Fill in packing list of items according to number of shipping mark

    • - 04 -

      Register fragile and vulnerable items in reminder form

    • - 05 -

      Coordinate according to customers’ requirements on-site

    • - 01 -

      Count number of items with supervisor

    • - 02 -

      Provide a copy of receipt and packing list for customers

    • - 03 -

      Clean up garbage generated at packing site

    • - 04 -

      Check wall and floor of work area again and sign report

    • During warehousing
    • After warehousing
    • During ex-warehousing
    • Other services
    • Check warehousing requirements

      Print customers’ warehousing requirements before signing, and sign according to requirements

    • Check number of items

      Check order number and count corresponding items while signing

    • Check packing of items

      Check outer packaging of items before warehousing, and give feedback if packaging is intact

    • Upload receipt data

      Upload item picture, quantity and packaging data after the receipt

    • Reinforce packing freely

      Reinforce packaging freely for every defective item

    • Pack carton with PV belt

      Pack each carton with PV belt according to customers’ requirements

    • Make tray freely

      Make fumigation-free trays for customers using LCL services

    • Upload operation data

      Upload pictures and data information after item reinforcement, tray making, etc.

    • Check ex-warehousing requirements

      Print out the warehouse requirements, and check order number and quantity according to requirements

    • Check packaging quality

      Check packaging quality of each ex-warehousing item to ensure qualified packaging

    • Upload loading data

      Upload data such as pictures and ex-warehousing items to system

    • Archive order documents

      Organize and archive warehousing and ex-warehousing documents for each order and submit it to headquarters

    • Free warehousing service

      Provide a free 15-day storage service for all items in stock

    • Free furniture collection

      Provide sign-on receipt and feedback services for newly purchased furniture according to requirements

    • Paid packaging replacement

      Replace unqualified packaging with packaging of DragonSea as required

    • Paid wooden case making

      Give feedback on fragile and vulnerable items, and make wooden cases as required

    Standard for documentary

    Attentive documentary team will become your exclusive moving assistant, handle, review all necessary import and export documents, and guide you to fill out customs duty-free application form of destination country, who will make your items shipped without worries.

    • Make English list

      Prepare an English packing list that meets customs requirements of destination country according to packing list sorted by customer at the time of on-site packing or by customer

    • Assist in preparation of insurance lists

      Assist customers to organize insurance lists that meet standards of insurance companies based on quantity and value of items provided by customer to eliminate claims disputes

    • Assist in filling customs clearance documents

      Inform customers of customs clearance information required by destination country in advance, and guide customers to fill in to avoid affecting normal customs clearance process

    • Personalized customized notification

      Tailored notification methods to meet customer communication habits according to customers’ requirements for notification nodes and methods after items are shipped

    • Standard for overseas services
    • Optional destination service
    • Customs clearance of personal items

      All items are cleared in accordance with personal luggage, and those that qualify will be tax-free

    • Scheduled distribution time

      Distribution time can be booked according to actual requirements of customers

    • Counting quantity of items

      Check quantity of items with customers according to packing list before getting entering

    • Removal of packaging

      Remove outer packaging of each large piece of furniture, electrical appliances, etc.

    • Position as required

      Place every material in the location designated by you.

    • Assembly of simple furniture

      On the delivery day, complete the needed assembly of simple furniture on site.

    • Cleaning of the garbage and scraps

      Collect and clean off the trash and scraps generated on the operation site.

    • Fill in & sign the receipts

      We will invite you to fill in the material delivery conditions and operator services conditions.

    • Installation of new furniture

      Third-party mechanics by appointment can provide installation services for new furniture

    • Services of woodworking and electrician

      Paid third parties can provide services such as wall paintings and electrical installation

    • Warehousing services

      Local city warehousing services can be paid used, and items will be distributed after warehousing services

    • Maid and nanny service

      Paid maid and nanny can provide cleaning and maintenance services

    Well-built three-dimensional linkage security system makes you move without worry
    Long-tested and praised platform just for you
    • System management support
    • Insurance protection system
    • Exclusive quality assurance services
    • Smart warehouse management
    • Exclusive value-added guarantee
    • Overseas service guarantee
    Industry-leading ERP management system of DragonSea through combining actual experience
    of serving customers and its own management demands
    Service function

    • Price inquiry

      Perfect price management system makes use without worries

    • Volume assessment

      Convenient online assessment tools help customers calculate volume of items quickly

    • Dynamic query

      comprehensive dynamic push system pushes actively to eliminate customers' worry

    • Email push

      Attentive email push informs precautions of each link in advance

    • WeChat push

      Convenient and instant messaging tool matches customers’ daily communication habits

    • Evaluation and sharing

      Simple evaluation and sharing system makes customers to evaluate objectively and fairly

    Management function

    • Post notification center

      Intimate setting promotes work according to nodes to ensure service links are connected closely

    • Order management

      Intuitive order management makes every order open-and-shut

    • Operation management

      Intelligent on-site operation management makes every arrangement of order unmissable

    • Documentary management

      Intelligent documentary management system ensures documentary work orderly

    • Agent management

      Intuitive order management makes every order open-and-shut

    • Abnormal follow-up management

      Intelligent management of order follow-up minimizes human anomalies

    Data management

    • Sea freight data

      Sea freight chart over the years helps customers analyze the best shipping month

    • Service timing data

      Service timing data in common countries helps customers predict receipt time accurately

    • Experience center

      Years of service experience database answers all concerns customers have

    • Visa center

      Huge visa type data provides customs clearance solutions as soon as possible

    • Service problem library

      Years of abnormal situation data helps customers avoid abnormalities effectively

    • Damage analysis library

      Damage cause analysis library of items eliminates damage caused by human factors effectively

    World's top 500 insurance companies have fully analyzed international security guarantee system of DragonSea and designed a variety of insurances
    with characteristics of low rates, wide guarantee, quick claim settlement, high compensation amount, and simple claim settlement.
    • Diversified insurance methods

      Various insurance methods such as all-risk insurance and free of particular average are available

    • Low rates

      Insurance premium rate for same coverage is lower than industry average

    • Wide guarantee

      Be effective from on-site packaging to 45 days after service completion

    • Quick claim settlement

      Loss assessment shall be completed within 7 days, and compensation will be paid as soon as 15 days

    • High compensation amount

      Deductible excess will not be counted, and compensation is based on repair or repurchase amounts

    • Simple claim settlement

      Claim can be settled only by submitting picture of damaged items and receipt

    Aimed to achieve ultimate customer service experience and took the lead to establish Quality Assurance Department in the industry
    Take initiative to serve customers and manage internally
    For customers
    • Active return visit

      Pay return visit to customers for service quality and timeliness of each position

    • Proactive follow-up

      Follow up, resolve and respond to customer issues forwardly

    • Proactive care

      Remind and care forwardly through various communication methods before important services

    For insiders
    • Process supervision

      Understand whether each position is operated according to customer-defined process procedures forwardly

    • Service supervision

      Find out whether each position is providing services according to standards through return visit

    • Personnel supervision

      Understand quality of service provided by each staff through careful investigation

    4D visual management of each operation center has been achieved to protect items safety through a process-oriented management system,
    using of advanced Internet technology and combing effective management mechanism over many years
    • Warehouse management with barcode

      All orders have independent barcodes, warehousing and ex-warehousing of all items are by barcodes scanning

    • Uninterrupted video surveillance

      Comprehensive video surveillance facilities without blind spots make operation open-and-shut

    • Document identification system

      Operation files of each order from entry to exit are recognized by system automatically

    • Process management system

      Process flow of each post is controlled by system to ensure standardization

    • Visual management system

      All operating procedures are displayed transparently to achieve mutual supervision

    • Perfect training system

      Comprehensive training from mindset to skills are covered by internal training

    Based on security of items, aimed at customer service experience, and started from actual situation of international transportation industry
    To provide customers with the most practical guarantee services
    • Free tray protection

      Free tray for all items of LCL customers are made for protection after warehousing

    • Pack carton with PV belt

      PV belt packing are provided after unqualified cartons are delivered to warehouse

    • Packaging reinforcement service

      Outer packaging of each item will be check and free reinforcement is available as per packing condition

    • View of packing video

      Real-time loading video can be viewed for full container loading and centralized shipping orders

    • View of items status

      Status of warehousing, operation and ex-warehousing of orders can be viewed

    • Accidental damage guarantee

      Standard of compensation after accidental damage will be stated in carriage contract

    Overseas cooperation agents in international service system of DragonSea are core members of International Association of Moving
    Be proficient in customs policy of destination country, and their service standards meet or exceed standards of the association
    • Standard for agent selection

      All are members of International Association of Moving with a higher standard of service than standards of the association

    • Standards for hardware facilities

      All have their own warehouses and distribution vehicles, which meet local regulatory requirements

    • Requirements for operators

      All have their own staff, and their service skills must be higher than standards of the association

    • Control of complaint rate

      Customer complaint rate within 3 years shall be 2% below standard of the association

    • Security of item clearance

      All have own customs broker and are proficient in customs policy of destination country

    • Sound financial system

      Financial audit report issued by professional accounting firm

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