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Move from Beijing to Canada
  • Distance10589km
  • Shipping25 Day
  • volume2m³
  • Score
At present, the preparation is completed before shipment. The overall impression was good. Every step of the service project is standard and organized. The service attitude was proactive, the customer's questions were answered promptly and in place. Team work is more coordinated, no mistakes in link connection. The quality of service packaging materials and technology can be said to be excellent, the box is solid, reassuring. In terms of communication, the website information is very comprehensive, detailed and attentive. Some places may be too detailed or repeated, such as concise, highlighting key information, especially the operation instructions required by customers may be more effective.
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer! Thank you for your comments on our service, and we will continue to work hard to provide you with the service that is easy and labor-saving.