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Move from Beijing to New Zealand
  • Distance10369km
  • Shipping28 Day
  • volume5m³
  • Score
Using Dragonsea international moving service, the goods have been packed and taken away. Now the evaluation is as follows: the company will respond to the customer's needs in a timely manner and send 5 people to complete the packing work efficiently. The staff have a good attitude. They can take the floor and wall protection into account in the process of packaging and handling, without causing any loss to the shipper. Individual staff can actively communicate with the consignor and adopt a more reasonable packaging method. The shortage is that the shipper has never been contacted by telephone before arriving at the delivery place, and is 40 minutes late. The door-to-door packing personnel did not wear uniform. The company should equip its employees with short sleeved uniforms. The packers brought backpacks and put them in the living room after entering. Don't bring bags! They did not explain the process with the shipper before packaging, and did not check and count the boxes with the shipper when they went out, so that the shipper could only sign the list with fuzzy memory due to the situation and time.
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer! Thank you for using our international relocation service from Beijing to New Zealand. Thank you for your valuable comments on our company. We will strengthen the supervision of our staff in the future, and improve the on-site process to serve more customers. In the future, you will experience a professional and happy international relocation trip.