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Move from Shenzhen to New Zealand
  • Distance9131km
  • Shipping28 Day
  • volume22m³
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When I went to New Zealand to study with my children, I heard that New Zealand friends also bought a lot of goods from China in the past. During the process of selecting international moving companies, I made a lot of preliminary communication and comparison, and decided to choose Dragonsea international moving company, from preliminary communication service, intermediate packaging, goods transportation, delivery, etc! Quite satisfied overall! The whole process is very professional and careful, each process is very comprehensive, thank you very much Dragonsea international moving company! We will continue to choose you!
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer! Thank you for using our international relocation service from Shenzhen to New Zealand. Thank you for your high recognition of our service personnel. With a rigorous working attitude, a professional logistics team, our company will escort your international transportation and your furniture's sea transportation. In the future, you will experience a professional and happy international relocation trip.