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Move from Beijing to Canada
  • Distance10466km
  • Shipping36 Day
  • volume25m³
  • Score
Inadvertently chose Dragonsea to move, and began to hesitate about her choice again and again. Through many times of communication with Ms. Lin, the customer service, she felt warm and professional. She would always take the trouble to answer your questions at any time, give you advice, and help you figure out before and after. The previous period happened to catch up with the situation of the company and worked overtime every day. The contact was also interrupted. Later, the contact time was very urgent. From arranging the moving time, supervising the contact, moving on site, organizing the transportation, and loading containers in the freight yard, they were all in one go and naturally smooth! At the scene of handling and packing, the masters also took pains to actively communicate with us, listen to the arrangement of the supervisor, and patiently answer some special questions. All the articles and furniture were placed very well, which made us very comfortable and reassured. The whole process can be said to be fast and efficient. Every service staff, Mr. Qiu, Mr. Xie, the young guy in the goods yard, and many others The porter embodies the professional and friendly spirit. We are more and more sure that the previous choice is too wise. It's lucky to meet such a good team!
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer! Thank you for using our international relocation service from Beijing to Canada and for your recognition of our staff service. Your evaluation makes us feel very warm. We will provide high-quality and high-standard professional international relocation service in the following stages of container shipping, destination clearance, door-to-door delivery, etc!