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AcoMo & AcoMoBaby

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Move from Xiamen to Taiwan
  • Distance261km
  • Shipping12 Day
  • volume4m³
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-AcoMo & AcoMoBabyEvaluation
Two months before the move, I packed several boxes by myself. As a result, when Dragonsea's waiter came to pack, he packed all the furniture, appliances, clothes, etc. in a short morning. He packed them in an orderly way, and there was a special car to pick them up and deliver them in the afternoon. The whole international moving process is much easier and simpler, reducing the burden and worry of mummy. Originally, I was worried that the whole packing process would be affected by the children at home. Unexpectedly, Dragonsea's door-to-door waiters were very professional and qualified. The whole packing process reassured my mother. I sincerely thank my friends for introducing Dragonsea's service to help move overseas. The quality was very good. At last, I will clean up the packaging materials, paper fragments and other things after packing to maintain a clean environment in the house.
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer! Thank you for using our company's international private goods moving service from Xiamen to Taiwan, China. If you want to know more about the moving of Beijing international private goods to the United States, you can call Hailong international online customer service hotline: 400-880-9518 or go to the international moving special page for consultation. Thank you for your support to Hailong international.