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Move from Beijing to Hong Kong, China
  • Distance2005km
  • Shipping3 Day
  • volume8m³
  • Score
After comparison and selection of Dragonsea company, Dragonsea company completes the packaging service on site. The volume after packaging is a little bit wrong is a certain difference from the actual volume initially estimated, which will cause a certain gap in the customer's psychology. However, we will still take the actual one as the criterion, and there will be some changes in the cost. I hope Dragonsea can improve its convenience here. The difference is too big Many words are hard to understand!
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer! Thank you for using our company's international moving service of personal belongings from Beijing to Hong Kong, China. At the same time, thank you very much for your recognition of our staff service. Hailong international moving focuses on details, pays attention to high-quality moving, puts the safety of customer's belongings first, and will provide you with safe and convenient international moving service in the future.