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Move from Beijing to France
  • Distance8217km
  • Shipping35 Day
  • volume6m³
  • Score
Under the supervision of Cui, a driver and three people from Xiaoding came to help me pack the furniture that I was going to transport from Beijing. Xiao Cui is careful and responsible. She does not say a word. She makes every piece of furniture strong and beautiful. In the afternoon, another Xiao Wang did as well as Xiaoding. Without a minute's rest, they work 6-7 hours in a row. It's really not easy and very tired. Here, I would like to express my appreciation for the working attitude of the staff of Dragonsea moving company and express my thanks to you. I wish you all the best.
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for using our company's shipping furniture moving service from Beijing to France. At the same time, thank you for your recognition of our staff service. Your evaluation makes us feel very warm. We will provide high-quality and high-standard professional international moving service in the following stages: container shipping, destination clearance, door-to-door delivery, etc!