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Move from Beijing to Canada
  • Distance10589km
  • Shipping25 Day
  • volume28m³
  • Score
When I got up in the morning, I was ready to pack and ship my belongings in advance, and confirmed the belongings again and again. Although I have contacted many moving companies before, I still feel deeply about the working attitude and experience of the moving supervisors and packing and transportation staff of Dragonsea company. Compared with other professional moving companies, Dragonsea's packing boxes are professional and unified, skillful in packing techniques, light and heavy goods classification and reasonable size matching. All we have to do is "point the finger" and "stand by". With such a good impression at the beginning, I think the follow-up shipping process should make us feel very relieved and happy! We also hope to get the whole process of Dragonsea company more intimate value-added service!
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