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Move from Beijing to Canada
  • Distance12890km
  • Shipping25 Day
  • volume25m³
  • Score
I never thought that there would be such a professional service in moving. From pre move communication, evaluation and audit to on-site moving handling, all of them were very meticulous and professional. Fine packaging, from bookcase, swivel chair, small to every clothes pole, are very carefully handled to achieve the best treatment. In the middle, there are neighbors coming to inquire about it, but I can't imagine that there is such a professional moving service. The supervisor and every master are responsible for the work to be perfect and best. Thank you very much for your efforts!
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for using our international moving service from Beijing to Canada. Thank you very much for your evaluation and professional recognition of our service staff. Hailong international focuses on details and provides high-quality moving services for furniture shipping customers. We insist on putting the safety of customers' items in the first place. We will provide you with safe and convenient international moving service in the future.