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Move from Hangzhou to Taiwan
  • Distance12890km
  • Shipping8 Day
  • volume4m³
  • Score
In terms of time, very punctual, able to pack at the appointed time. In terms of hygiene, they are worn all the time after entering the home. Except for the driver, they all have Dragonsea's standard clothes, which are relatively neat. But it's better to wear Dragonsea's work card and health code before entering the door. In terms of packing, the packing guy has his own ideas and will help customers save space as much as possible, instead of trying to push up the freight because he wants to have as many volumes as possible. He is more professional and won't cause disgust and doubt about Dragonsea company, which makes me feel at ease. In terms of process, the documents are complete and the process is perfect, which is a professional practice. Communication, in the early communication is very smooth, I hope to maintain this good communication situation.
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