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Move from Shanghai to Belgium
  • Distance7970km
  • Shipping36 Day
  • volume2.3m³
  • Score
Want to strongly recommend the fairy moving company - Dragonsea international moving. It was out of order for me to spend three hours on the ground. I was already famous for the quick speed of Kwai Lee, and the three masters were over an hour, and dozens of boxes were packed and wrapped up in large and small sizes. I was wide eyed and unable to shut my eyes. I felt that it was one point five times faster and more careful. To the huge glass vase, which is half a person's height, it's like a candle bag for a baby. It's three layers inside and outside, not to mention the fragile products and extra wooden box protection. It's probably no problem to transport tofu. The handover master put out a thick stack of contract operation sheets and signed them with his eyes closed. Anyway, he looks three times smarter than me. The whole process is recorded and can be traced by mobile phone from downstairs In short, I have quietly decided to ask them next time. I can also find them when I move in China.
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