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Move from Dongguan to Taiwan
  • Distance12428km
  • Shipping8 Day
  • volume4m³
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The first time I used the international moving service, I found many homes before and after. Finally, I chose Dragonsea's service based on my friend's experience. It was a good experience on the whole. When the epidemic situation in Guangdong became more and more severe, I had a full communication every few days, such as going to the application counter to fill in the information when I went back to Taiwan Airport. On the day of moving, the whole professional team provided very good service, From the packaging of glass products to the moving of large furniture and the choice of subsequent reinforcement are very clear, and the packaging is also very strict. For large goods, they are transported carefully. When they arrive at the warehouse, they also take photos to show us. They can track the route of the goods at any time, and look forward to the subsequent furniture coming back to Taiwan!
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