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Move from Guangzhou to Ireland
  • Distance12876km
  • Shipping35 Day
  • volume4m³
  • Score
Dragonsea international moves. First of all, it feels very considerate. The movers will call to confirm and remind us many times before coming, so that we can prepare and sort out our items early; Second, we are punctual and feel good about integrity. We will provide door-to-door service on time at several times, which will not waste our time; The packing is very professional and considerate for the customer. The packing arrangement is very organized and standardized, and will help the customer count and sort out, so as not to lose or can't find the things in the packing box at the destination; During the handling process, the personnel are very careful not to damage other things in the house or damage the packed objects; The packers are very honest and will not expand the volume of customers' packaged items. It is estimated that Dragonsea company is very honest and responsible. At present, I feel it is still trustworthy!
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