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Move from Shanghai to Singapore
  • Distance12876km
  • Shipping12 Day
  • volume1.5m³
  • Score
The move to Singapore took only 2 hours from consulting to placing an order. Provide the most basic inquiry information from the preliminary consultation on September 22, and there will be a quotation within 1 hour. The price is reasonable and meets our requirements. Dragonsea has a good reputation. It is also a large company, and we also trust it. There are not many items. At the beginning, Claire suggested self-service packaging to help us save some expenses, but in the end, we chose the door-to-door packaging service in order to save worry and rest assured, and made an appointment in advance for door-to-door packaging on the 9th after the national day. The packing Master arrived at the address on time and carried out professional and careful packing. He made a list face-to-face and left a receipt for the items. The whole process is very formal. We also look forward to the smooth receipt in Singapore~
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