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Ac casa

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Move from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, China
  • Distance134km
  • Shipping3 Day
  • volume15m³
  • Score
-Ac casaEvaluation
Make an appointment with master Dragonsea in advance. The three masters came on time, with professional and rapid packaging. With your help, they quickly completed the packaging work. Thank you for your hard work and ability! thank! At the same time, thank bill Huang for his patient and meticulous service and timely follow-up of each link. Thank you.
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for using our international moving service for shipping personal belongings from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, China. Thank you for your evaluation of the service of our staff. We will make persistent efforts to provide you with worry-saving and labor-saving services, safely deliver your belongings to the destination and restore your kind and familiar "home"