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Move from Beijing to Canada
  • Distance10466km
  • Shipping36 Day
  • volume25m³
  • Score
This time, she made about 40 boxes by herself, which took more than a week, but the result is still good (she asked many questions about Sophie in Guangzhou in the middle process, and she patiently answered them, with a lot of comments, thank you very much). On the day of pick-up at home, Raymond, Dragonsea's supervisor, was the first to get home and was responsible for pasting the shipping marks and communicating the final delivery items (the young man was very serious and praised). Then the packaging masters arrived and finally packed all the other things in less than 8 hours. It was still a professional expression of efficiency. I hope the level of destination is as good as here. I'm looking forward to...
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer! Thank you for your recognition of our service. In the future, we will continue to provide you with efficient, high-quality and professional service, which will exceed your expectation!