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Move from Shanghai to Australia
  • Distance8056km
  • Shipping26 Day
  • volume55m³
  • Score
I chose Dragonsea international to move this time. I was satisfied with the whole service process. Mr. Huang Bill's professional and patient service made the whole process very labor-saving. In the process of receiving goods, due to the number of items transported this time, the list of items was not detailed enough, so there was a deviation in the receiving process. The worker's service was still very good. I helped to unpack the large items, and I helped to sort out the remaining small items We have collated and checked them one by one. If we can improve them, we can avoid some defects.
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer! Thank you for using our company's international relocation service from Shanghai to Australia. Hailong International provides a professional one-stop relocation solution to realize the whole process of personal zero operation trusteeship service, truly institutionalized and procedural operation, accurate, safe, timely and door-to-door with quality, so as to save labor, trouble and heart.