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Echo Puhl

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Move from Guangzhou to the United States
  • Distance12876km
  • Shipping22 Day
  • volume7m³
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-Echo PuhlEvaluation
Because of this annoying epidemic, American furniture is difficult to buy, the price is particularly high, and the style is not good-looking, so I decided to reverse overseas shopping. I found many reverse overseas shopping methods and transportation companies on the Internet, comprehensive price, service reputation and the professional level of service personnel. Finally, I chose Dragonsea international moving company. From early consultation to ordering containers for packaging and delivery, Dragonsea provided very high-quality and timely services. There are not only dedicated service consultants, merchandisers, quality administrators and service assistants to answer questions at any time, but also self-help to track order dynamics on the platform. Very worry free! Thanks again to consultant yuan's professional service, absolute five-star recommendation. Today, I have recommended your moving service to an Australian friend. Like me, she also considers buying furniture from home to abroad. Good service is worth recommending and sharing.
DragonSea Reply

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