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Move from Wuxi to Switzerland
  • Distance8032km
  • Shipping32 Day
  • volume3m³
  • Score
This time, we moved to Switzerland through Dragonsea. We didn't have a lot of goods, so we chose the centralized transportation service. Foreign agents are also very responsible. They communicate with each other about the delivery time more than ten times. Maybe there is no car before Christmas, but it was arranged immediately after the festival, but it was delivered in good condition. Although the transportation time is longer, it is very good overall. Also thanks to customer service Claire and Dragonsea colleagues for their help. If you need to move in the future, I will choose you again!
DragonSea Reply
Dear customers: Hello! Thank you for using our international shipping service for personal belongings from Wuxi City to Switzerland. Hailong international serves more than 300 cities and 160 countries and regions in China. All foreign agents are members of the International Association for moving. The service provided meets or exceeds the standards of the International Association for moving. We will continue to provide you with labor-saving moving service in the future.