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Move from Shanghai to the United States
  • Distance12890km
  • Shipping18 Day
  • volume4m³
  • Score
This time, I moved from Shanghai to Los Angeles through Dragonsea international. From door-to-door packing, cargo insurance and transportation, every link was carefully arranged. Although I arrived at the port of Los Angeles and was spot checked by the customs, Maggie was able to give timely feedback on the inspection. This made me feel at ease and moved. When I signed in, 49 boxes were intact. This time I experienced the ease provided by Dragonsea Service, worth recommending~
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for using our international immigration moving service from Shanghai to the United States. Hailong International provides professional international moving one-stop solution to realize the whole process of personal zero operation trusteeship service, truly achieve institutionalized and process operation, move goods accurately, safely, timely and with good quality, door to door, so as to save labor, trouble and worry.