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Move from Dalian to Holland
  • Distance7877km
  • Shipping32 Day
  • volume10m³
  • Score
Customer service is very dedicated, because of the time difference, there is no way to perfect docking working hours, but Maggie is still very timely reply to the message, answer my questions. From the beginning of the consultation, to the warehouse to receive goods, and then to the ship, customs clearance, home delivery, help move furniture upstairs, cleaning packaging materials, a set of process is very smooth. Thank you Meggie. When we unpacked, we sighed that the service fee was too expensive. The packaging was too professional. No matter the lamps or the rock tabletop, they were not damaged at all. Although there were some twists and turns, two of the boxes were 2.5-high wardrobe boards. The car couldn't load them at the beginning and didn't deliver them the first time, Maggie was very prompt to urge the order and delivered them again the next morning. The time limit is also very good. The ship will be on board in early May, and the customs clearance will be completed and the goods will be delivered to the home by the end of June. I want to continue boasting about the warehouse. What's in all the boxes is clearly written. All the accessories have their own small packages and what's in them. It's very convenient for us to assemble the furniture later. Although the service includes the assembly of simple furniture, we prefer to do it by ourselves instead of workers. The service is worth it! Have recommended friends! At the same time, I hope the sea freight will not rise again!
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