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Move from Qingdao to Canada
  • Distance10785km
  • Shipping25 Day
  • volume7.7m³
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In May, it was decided to consign some luggage and furniture from China to overseas, and began the cumbersome processes of shopping, sorting, packing, packing and transportation for half a year. After consulting relevant professional friends for many times, bill of Dragonsea international moving company was selected as the business manager. The process was very complicated. Thanks to Bill's serious, responsible, considerate, conscientious and high-quality service, the goods were finally delivered to our house today. Compared with the news I heard today (a friend's goods were shipped in September and arrived in Vancouver in October. As a result, we checked the information today and the goods returned to Shanghai. I don't know why), our goods are very lucky. Thanks to Bill's excellent business ability and the spirit of being serious and responsible for customers, thank bill and Dragonsea.
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