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Move from Shanghai to New Zealand
  • Distance9344km
  • Shipping28 Day
  • volume11m³
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On July 19, 2017, we started to have the direction of moving. At the beginning, the visa information had not been processed. We just had such a plan. We wanted to know about the process of moving by sea in advance, so we first established contact with Ms. Wu, Dragonsea's customer service. During this period, Ms. Wu Abbie kept on following up, cared about our progress, and constantly updated the relevant shipping information, It will also make itinerary reference for us according to our plan. It lasted about four years until 2021, when the visa application was finally successful, and the impact of the epidemic was encountered. I was worried that the plan would have to be delayed again. However, I finally decided to launch the move plan in March. Dragonsea first arranged the staff to assess the volume at home for free, then established the agreement, and then arranged the packing and picking up according to our take-off time. The domestic itinerary progressed very smoothly, and the foreign work was also good. If the foreign delivery link, please translate to help count the number of items, the detailed process will be more perfect, overall, I'm satisfied with the move.
DragonSea Reply
Dear customers: Hello! Thank you for using our shipping goods and luggage service from Shanghai to New Zealand. At the same time, thank you for your evaluation of our whole service. Hailong international moving focuses on details, pays attention to high quality moving, and puts the safety of customers' goods in the first place. We will continue to strive to provide more customers with safe and convenient international moving service.