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Move from Lishui to England
  • Distance9377km
  • Shipping33 Day
  • volume9.5m³
  • Score
Finally, we successfully collected the new furniture and delivered it home in the UK. Here, we would like to sincerely thank Dragonsea moving company. Since the initial consultation, Dragonsea has been in close communication and contact with us. Complete the preliminary work step by step. It was finally delivered to our home in London on October 19. The working attitude of overseas staff is serious, the furniture is placed in place, orderly, meticulous and appropriate, and the packaging is particularly professional. I have to mention that during the transportation of new furniture, there are special service management personnel to track the whole process. In addition, the goods progress can be updated and reminded at the first time through micro signal. After the goods are transported to the UK, the service provided by the local partners is also very considerate and timely. The whole process is smooth and reassuring. I praise Dragonsea's high-quality service. I will also recommend Dragonsea to friends in need around me.
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