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Move from Shanghai to the United States
  • Distance12876km
  • Shipping18 Day
  • volume4m³
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After waiting for more than 2 months for the furniture purchased from China, I finally got home. When I received the goods, I was so excited!! Because before the arrival, the living room at home was empty, waiting for the sofa and tea table, and mainly the children were at home. Only the table could sit, so they couldn't wait. Who knows, the furniture has been purchased and customized, but it caught up with the epidemic and the port congestion, so the overall time-consuming is longer than expected. Fortunately, the furniture arrived safely, and the staff here are also very nice. Two or three workers unloaded more than 10 cubic meters of furniture and put it in place without two efforts. It is really very convenient and there is no need to do anything at all. I also want to thank Abbie and wish you better and better.
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