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Move from Guangzhou to England
  • Distance9494km
  • Shipping33 Day
  • volume5m³
  • Score
Recently, there are too many things. I finally took the time to write an evaluation for Dragonsea! The whole delivery lasted almost three months. At first, I was completely unfamiliar with the household shipping process, but Dragonsea has a complete system, so the whole process is very smooth and easy to understand. I'm connected with bill. He patiently answered all the big and small things in the middle and helped me deal with some emergencies. I'm really grateful. Coupled with the problem of jet lag, bill often replied to messages in the middle of the night in China. I was very shocked by his degree of dedication. He really treated all the customer's problems as his own, which would make the customer very relieved! Finally, the delivery workers were also very good on the day when the furniture was sent home. They helped dismantle the packaging and clean up the garbage. They were also very patient to help install things. Personally, I highly recommend Dragonsea, whether it is the docking personnel or the final delivery personnel. Such services are very reassuring, and there will never be a situation where no one pays attention to you when you encounter problems. Praise Dragonsea!
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