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Move from Beijing to the United States
  • Distance11116km
  • Shipping25 Day
  • volume25m³
  • Score
When I moved internationally for the first time from Beijing to St. Louis, I carefully chose Dragonsea. I consulted Abbie Wu from the early sales and customer service?, Knowing the door-to-door high-quality service in the whole process, I feel relieved and at ease. Soon, we determined the time of moving. I didn't do it myself when I came to the door for packing. The masters were very careful in packing and unpacking, both at home and abroad. Although a few items of furniture received have bumped, and I have made an insurance claim, I sincerely thank Dragonsea's masters for their high-quality service. I made a correct decision to choose Dragonsea. I also thank Miss Abbie for her warm service and company throughout the whole process and praise her.
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