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Harris 叶

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Move from Shenzhen to Malaysia
  • Distance2526km
  • Shipping10 Day
  • volume6m³
  • Score
-Harris 叶Evaluation
Dragonsea international paid attention to it a long time ago. I think it should have been more than a year. However, due to the epidemic situation, I was unable to move. Later, when it eased, I began to prepare. Just when I was about to prepare for shipment, the epidemic broke out in Malaysia, which disrupted the plan. Fortunately, the staff of Dragonsea international highly cooperated and gave guidance in the process, I am relieved. In particular, Mr. Deng has been very patient since I first contacted him. We often have a long communication time. He still maintains a high standard of service quality. Thank him for his help. After some twists and turns, the furniture was finally signed in good condition. I really thank Dragonsea and all the service staff.
DragonSea Reply

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